Miyazaki Prefecture Local Japanese Language Education System Development Project

Miyazaki Prefecture utilises the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ project to promote the creation of a comprehensive system for local Japanese language education, and is implementing a project to develop a local Japanese language education system in Miyazaki Prefecture.
This project aims to promote Japanese language education in the prefecture, such as the “Japanese language course” for foreign residents to learn Japanese and the “Japanese language education and multicultural coexistence introductory seminar” for citizens related to Japanese language education.

The main businesses are as follows.

1. Creating a Japanese language learning system

With the aim of creating a comprehensive system for regional Japanese language education in the prefecture, a general coordinator was assigned to the project secretariat, the Miyazaki International Foundation, to coordinate the overall project and General coordination meetings are held to share information on measures to promote Japanese language education among related parties.

General coordination meeting, etc.

  • We hold meetings with related organisations in the prefecture to share information and promote Japanese language education.

2. Holding a Implementation of Japanese language education

 To implement“Japanese language classes for foreigners” for foreign residents who want to learn Japanese, and “Local Japanese language class” where you can learn Japanese while interacting with local residents.

Japanese langauge course

  • A Japanese teacher will teach Japanese.
  • We have courses from beginner level one to intermediate, that can be held either in person or online.

Japanese Practice Sessions

  • Japanese language volunteers teach Japanese according to the needs of foreign residents.
  • Held every Wednesday morning, Friday morning, and Saturday afternoon.

Local Japanese language class

  • You will learn the Japanese necessary for daily life such as “disaster prevention” and “how to dispose of garbage” in four areas of the prefecture while interacting with local residents.

Japanese speech contest

  • We hold a contest for foreign residents living in Miyazaki Prefecture to present their achievements in learning Japanese.

3. Development of human resources for Japanese language education

In order to promote Japanese language education in each region and develop human resources to increase support of foreign residents learning Japanese, we are implementing the “Regional Japanese Language Education Coordinator Training” and the “Japanese language learning supporter training course”.

Japanese language learning supporter training course

  • We are implementing in person and online courses to increase personel who can support foreign residents in their Japanese learning.

4. other

In order to deepen the understanding of Japanese language education and multicultural coexistence among prefectural residents and companies, we are conducting the “Introductory Seminar on Japanese Language Education and Multicultural Coexistence”.

Past business results are as follows.