Japanese Language Learning supporter training course

 We hold training courses for those who are interested in supporting the Japanese language learning for foreign residents (learners) who want to learn Japanese, those who want to start activities, those who have just started activities, and those who want to cooperate with Japanese language learning support after taking this course.

Implemented course (contact information)NameContentURL
Miyakonojo City Regional Promotion Division Internationalisation Promotion Office
Japanese language learning supporter training courseYou can register as a Japanese language volunteer at the Miyakonojo International Association.
Kobayashi City Hall Regional Revitalisation Division
TEL: 0984-23-1148
Regional Japanese Education Supporter Training Course You can register as a local Japanese language education supporter in Kobayashi City.https://www.city.kobayashi.lg.jp/soshikikarasagasu/sogoseisakubuchihososeika/yasasiinihonngo/manabu/7505.html

Past business results

「Voice of Participants」

  • I think I was able to understand the purpose of Local Japanese language class and what to be careful about.
  • As part of Japanese language support the content covered was all of things I thought I ought to remember, so I think it will prove helpful in the future.