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Useful sites when learning Japanese

site namesite overviewURL
Connect and Enhance Your Life in JapaneseYou can learn basic Japanese expressions and words from everyday situations experienced by foreigners living in Japan.
Irodori Japanese for everyday lifeThis is a teaching material for foreigners to acquire basic Japanese communication skills necessary for living and working in Japan.
MarugotoYou can study the Japanese language and culture using the Japanese teaching material “Marugoto”.
“Erin’s challenge! I can speak Japanese.”
content library
International students can study Japanese language and culture by watching videos featuring the main characters.
Japanese learning portal site
There are useful sites and tools for people studying Japanese.
News written in easy Japanese
You can read and listen to news written in easy-to-understand language.https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/easy/
Japanese Language Proficiency Test Official WebsiteWebsite of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test

Useful sites when teaching Japanese

site namesite overviewURL
Japanese Language Education Content Sharing System (NEWS)This is an information search site where you can search for teaching materials and curricula, etc. related to Japanese language education.
Japaese language teaching materialsWe provide teaching materials in multiple languages ​​about the words and conversations used in occupations related to machinery, metals, and food manufacturing.
CASTA-NETYou can search for teaching materials aimed at Japanese language education for foreign students.